I'm currently working with Victor Ruiz on beathunter, a site that allows electronic music lovers to find and purchase rare and hidden gems. 



altravel was an altruistic travel app for iOS.  The app allowed users to share the best moments from trips they had taken with a curated community of adventure seekers. I founded and developed the app along with Giuseppe Macri, who became the lead developer and Catherine Lagman, who did all design for the app.



analytics product for an e-learning company


I served as the lead consultant for an e-learning company who wanted to create an analytics product to measure student engagement.  The company provided a library of e-books for students to use, and the product would measure various interactions the students had with platform and the e-books.  The product was available to faculty and administrators and served as a way for educators to open conversations with students about their study habits, thus enabling teachers to better understand how to help students succeed.

The product won the IMS Global Learning Consortium's product innovation of the year award.

It was also featured in the New York Times.